Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Musical Elective of the Week

The Musical Elective of the Week is: Tracy Grammer.

Liam is away and so now Sara will play...the music of a beautiful singer-songwriter struggling to overcome the death of her musical and life partner.

It was Tracy and Dave, once upon a time. Dave Carter, that is. They were a pair-- they worked together in a "marriage in music" and made the most gorgeous albums. Then one day after a run, young Dave Carter suffered a heart attack and left Tracy all alone.

The outpouring in the music community was amazing.

Well somehow life went on, and Tracy continues to sing. I recommend all of her work and especially what she recorded with Dave. Once in awhile Tracy makes it to Madison. There was a time I even harbored hopes she'd sing at my wedding. (Didn't happen..too much money). I think she'll be here again next year.

A beginner should start with Tanglewood Tree. No doubt, you'll get hooked.

love is a garden of thorns, and a crow in the corn
and the brake growing wild
cold when the summer is spent in the jade heart's lament
for the faith of a child
my body has a number and my face has a name
and each day looks the same to me
but love is a voice on the wind, and the wages of sin
and a tanglewood tree

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