Monday, March 30, 2009

UPDATE: Madison Initiative (redux)

Students and families are continuing to weigh in. Here's the latest from Madison-land...

In "Tuition increase simply robbery" James Farrell (class of 1988) writes: "...The proposed tuition surcharge would be better named ...“Martin’s Increase in Undergraduate Debt.” As a parent of a non-resident student, and as a UW alumnus, let me comment on the chancellor’s talent for doublespeak.... although I have been a regular donor to the University since the year of my graduation, I will for the next decade or more consider Chancellor Martin’s “surcharge” as my contribution to the annual fund."

In response to "Taking the Initiative," a generally positive Badger Herald editorial, several students write anonymously:

"According to this, the majority of students will be affected by this tuition hike to bring more faculty and enhance the undergraduate experience. The reality of it is the people hired with this money will do minimal teaching, optimal research, and then the undergrads are out $2500 each year for something that really doesn't affect them. No thanks."

"Maybe you come from a rich family, but many of us don't. Even for families making just over $80,000, this initiative is going to be difficult to pay. Stop judging other people's problems. You just make yourself sound like a spoiled little rich kid. You're probably one of those people who own like 20 pairs of Ugg boots and Northfaces. Honestly, I have no idea who would want to pay over $30,000 to come here from out of state. That's a significant increase and unfair to people who came here thinking tuition would remain significantly less. I would never go to a public university in another state for $32,000 a year!"

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