Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cool People You Should Know: eduwonkette

Imagine my tremendous surprise and the look of sheer "duh" on my face when I learned this evening that graduate student extraordanaire, Jennifer Jennings is none other than my favorite super-eduresearcher, "eduwonkette!"

It's like that old econ joke 'bout only searching for answers under the lamplight-- of course we all thought this incredibly bright witty commentator was a PROFESSOR, an esteemed one, one with decades under her belt. Shame on us--all of us-- for never considering that the coolest of the cool, the top blogger of 'em all right now, is only just finishing her PhD.

Lesson learned. Huge props to you, Jen. I'm officially "edu-optimistic" about the future soc of ed faculty of America. A real blogger is among us.

Update: Jennings is featured in a New York mag piece. Wow grad student, you go girl!

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