Monday, August 25, 2008

Mentoring Science Teachers

I thought I'd share this post from teacher leader Anthony Cody's blog Living in Dialogue. He discusses an initiative called TeamScience, a project to support new science teachers in Oakland (California) Unified School District.
Science teachers, in addition to knowing their content, must also know how to organize cooperative groups for hands-on activities. That means a whole level of classroom management that takes practice to master. TeamScience mentors will do their best to close this gap. We have several goals. The first and foremost is to make these new teachers as effective as possible, as quickly as possible.
TeamScience is a collaborative effort with the Santa Cruz-based New Teacher Center (NTC), my employer.

Another project that supports new science teachers through online protocols is e-Mentoring for Student Success, a collaboration between the NTC, the National Science Teachers Association and Montana State University.

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