Monday, November 3, 2008

Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me

I'm so glad to see this campaign season end. So many utterly despicable things have occurred as candidates raged against one another that some days it was hard to even open the paper. Remember Bill's racist slurs in South Carolina? McCain's referring to Obama as "that one" and trying to equate him with terrorists because of his religion? Awful, sad, pathetic.

But what's offended me the most was John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for VP. Obama had just wrapped up an incredibly eye-opening convention that made me think true progress had been made in this country. Then, in an incredible slap across the face to women everywhere, John had the gall to say "Ladies, want to see a woman in the White House? I'll give you a woman.. Here: Caribou Barbie. Go play."

Come on! This woman can barely put one foot in front of the other, let alone read and carefully think through an issue of The Atlantic Monthly. She reads "all" the magazines, gazes out her window at Russia each morning, and most infuriatingly, claims to be a wonderful mom to her special needs infant! Lady, please. You want to stake your claim as Mama of the Year and put fragile babies back on the agenda? Then you'll have to actually walk the walk, by TAKING CARE OF YOUR CHILD instead of running around the country while someone else holds the babe. Special needs babies-- I know something about that. They require lots of active loving, constant holding, nursing, and nearly 24/7 attention. No one can replace Mama in doing that. I did it for 7 months straight. My son grew from 4 lbs to a healthy size, and thrived under my attention.

You can't tell me it's anti-feminist to say she should've been with her kid. No way. It's her right to choose her path, but she can't run for VP and claim to be standing up for special needs babies and their mamas everywhere. Not when she's neglecting hers. I had an 80 hour/week job where the tenure hinged on continuously working, and when my kid needed me I threw it into the wind. Guess what? Not all was lost-- in fact I'm far better off now than I was then. When I say I'm for better work/family policies, I've actually tried both sides--working, and at home-- and a mix of the two.

So no--Sarah doesn't stand for me. John-- whom I was ready to VOTE for until about 8 months ago when he lost his mind-- has completely alienated me. And Mamas everywhere-- you should be offended, pissed, and ready to VOTE AGAINST this hypocrite. Caribou Barbie-- go back to Alaska with your Ken doll. Good riddance!

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