Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wait, Wait! Something to be Optimistic About!

Sorry for another long silence this week, as my boys got downed by a slew of crappy sicknesses, including strep, pneumonia, "bacterial conjunctivitis," and other yummy things....

But since it's a new year, and I've posted some cynical stuff lately, I thought I'd go upbeat on you for a bit. Here are a few reasons to smile tomorrow-- besides the upcoming inauguration of O-Mama! (as Conor calls him):

1. There's a teeny bit of evidence that Americans might be readings books again.

2. I myself, mother and academic, found the time to read two outstanding Anne Lamott books during the past 3 weeks: Bird by Bird, and Traveling Mercies.

Ok, that's two and I'm tired. I have to wake up tomorrow and see if the New York Times finally figured out where I live. Seriously, since moving to Stoughton in September I've not received a single issue of my beloved paper. They tell me they don't deliver here-- yet my neighbors a block away get the paper 7 days a week. I guess they really mean they don't deliver HERE. Man....

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